Time to play catch up you guys. I really enjoy seeing all the fans at conventions and want to keep sharing some of my con experiences with you.

So, Ron and I spent February 17-19 in the DC area at Katsucon and it was amazing! Despite the cold, we enjoyed the DC area and the convention center was quite impressive. We had a lot of fun so keep requesting me to come back!

P.S. We promise to get better about taking more photos. 😉


This convention center was insane!

Love seeing my DBS hubby!

This Stocking was so sweet ;););)

Shiro wanted to play too

I love getting to visit with attendees!

And Ron saw an Overwatch cosplay he thought was super cool 😀

Hope to see you again soon, Katsucon!

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  1. Katsucon has always such a great convention. Not only is it close to where I live by 1 hour, but it has the best scenery for cosplay photo shoots, and best of all- getting to meet awesome people like you!

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