Oz Comic Con: Day 2

Oz Comic Con: Day 2

Thank you, Melbourne! I had an amazing time at Oz Comic Con! Day 2 was just as exciting as day 1. It was full of fun, laughs, shenanigans…and Tim-tams. Lots and lots of Tim-tams. Here’s hoping I make it back to Oz again soon! (Next time with Ron!)





Tsuyu inspo!


Awesome Cell cosplay!


Chris brought Ron a boomerang!


My tower of Australian awesomeness!


We didn’t have the time to make it to the zoo so Oz Comic con brought the animals of Australia to us! 


11 thoughts on “Oz Comic Con: Day 2

  1. Very impressive! And great video too. It’s nice to see how all this has come along in a short amount of time. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Tahj! The Rialist Facebook group has definitely played a huge role in this!

  2. I see fluffy ?made the site heheh as well as Chris lol!

    Hope you enjoy the tim tams ?

  3. That bird was a Rainbow Lorikeet Monica ? They’re amazing little birds and some people have them as pets!

    1. That bird was CUTE! Monica has some amazing pics with him. I think he had a little crush on her 🙂

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