Supercon Retro

Supercon Retro

My most recent con was Supercon Retro in Miami! It was a busy weekend filled with writing a script, hosting a pajama party, fun panels, and autographs.I had a rad time and it was great to see you, Miami!

The con staff drew Stocking for me!

Purple hair, don’t care

We hosted a dance party and had snacks 🙂

“Cha cha now, y’all”

Thanks for coming guys!

We also hosted trivia!

DBS love! <3

Photo from Stephanie Symone-Germanotta Paz, one of my Rialists

Photo by Jonanthony Daog, another awesome Rialist

All the characters!!

Panel with Austin Tindle. Tokyo Ghoul anyone?

Rize and Kaneki 😛