Shuto Con

Shuto Con

I believe this was my fifth appearance in a row at Shuto Con! I’ve become good friends with the con staff over the years and it was great to see everyone again. As always, thanks for such a fun time, Lansing! I am sure you have already heard that it was announced that I have been invited back next year. So, buy your tickets now, before they sell out and we can hang!

We saw so many cosplays of characters I have voiced but we weren’t able to take many photos. Thankfully Shuto Con has a great Facebook page. These photos are courtesy of the their page. Here is the link-> Shuto Con Facebook page. 🙂 I enjoyed looking back and seeing all the fun 🙂


Sakura <3




Even a Tomoko!

Our twins, Libby and Tess! And their friend Hayley 😀