DVD Releases, New Character Announcements!

I’ve said before how crazy busy my schedule has been lately, but finally I can tell you guys about some of the non-simuldub work I’ve been doing!

It was announced earlier this week that I play Jun Shiomi in Sentai Filmworks’ dub of Food Wars! The boxset for season 1 will be available on August 15. For more of the cast and to watch a dub clip, click here. I’m super stoked to be a part of this popular cooking show!

It was also announced that I play Lalaco Godspeed in Funimation’s dub of Space Patrol Luluco. I am so happy to share this wild Space Pirate with you guys! The boxset will be available on October 10. For more of the cast, click here and scroll to the bottom.

2 thoughts on “DVD Releases, New Character Announcements!

  1. heyo, it’s that one Tanya cosplayer from A-Fest, I wanted to know when you’re going to post that picture..? You don’t really have to, I don’t mind. But if you are, when..?

    1. Hi. I apologize for not being able to post it sooner. I have been kept busy dealing with family and Hurricane Harvey stuff. It should be posted, along with other A-Fest and other con photos, sometime this week. Thanks for your patience!

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